NC Roller Feeder NCF-series

NC Roller Feeder NCF-series
Product Name : NC Roller Feeder NCF-series


    • The feed rollers are induction hardened, hard chrome plated, and the hardness of surface is up to HRc60˚.
    • The pneumatic releasing device and photo sensor for strip end detecting are standard accessories.
    Strip Width 200mm 300mm 400mm 500mm 600mm 800mm
    Strip Thickness 0.3~2.6mm 0.3~2.0mm
    Feed Length 0-9999mm
    Feed Speed Max. 60M/min
    Outline Dimensions
    A 750mm 850mm 950mm 1050mm 1150mm 1350mm
    B 470mm 570mm 670mm 770mm 870mm 1070mm
    C 225mm 275mm 325mm 375mm 425mm 525mm